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Partials and Dentures

An important step in maintaining a healthy smile is to replace missing teeth. By replacing missing teeth you can properly chew food, a difficult task with missing teeth. Speech can be improved and a sagging face can be prevented by providing support for lips and cheeks.

A removable partial denture fills in the space created by missing teeth. When teeth are missing the remaining ones can change position, drifting into the surrounding space. These drifting teeth can cause damage to the tissues in the mouth, change your bite and affect your appearance.

Removable partial dentures attach to your natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments. Precision attachments are more esthetic than metal clasps. Partial dentures with precision attachments generally cost more than those with metal clasps.

For more info, visit the ADA website

Dentures have been around for many years. Today dentures are of better quality and more comfortable than ever before. Replacing missing teeth has substantial benefits for your health and appearance. A complete denture replaces all the natural teeth and provides support for cheeks and muscles. Without this support, sagging facial muscles can make a person appear older. Dentures can improve a personís ability to speak and eat. Dentures can be made to closely resemble your natural teeth so that little change in appearance will be noticeable. This can improve the look of your smile and profile. Dental appointments still need to be scheduled on a regular basis to see if your dentures continue to fit properly. We will also clean your dentures, examine your mouth for signs of oral diseases including cancer. With regular professional care, a positive attitude you can be one of the millions of people who wear dentures with a smile.

For more info, visit the ADA website


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